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City of Walnut Ridge Occupation License Application

Dog Ordinance (796-15)• 4 dogs maximum• To register your dog, you will need proof of current rabies vaccine.  Registering is done at Jumpstart Animal Shelter located at 4 Holloway Road.  By registering your dog, if it is picked up by Animal Control, you will be contacted by the Animal Shelter and you will be able to retrieve your dog at no charge for the 1st night in Animal Control.  The costs to register are:▪

 Spayed/Neutered: $5.00/year…$25.00/lifetime▪ Unaltered: $15.00/year• If your dog has been picked up by Animal Control, you will need to come to City Hall and pay to retrieve it from Jumpstart Animal Shelter, without exception.  The fees are:▪ $10.00 pick-up fee▪ $35.00 per night

Trash Cart Ordinance (848-17)• 1st residential cart is provided by the City with the original water meter, free of charge.  Additional carts require a $100 deposit and adds $11.00/month to water bill.”

• City issued trash carts are dumped one time per week, per cart, per section of town. • Rules for trash carts:▪ Out by 7:00 a.m. on pick-up day, on a level surface▪ Only household trash in bags will be picked up▪ Lid has to be closed▪ Must be 3 feet away from any other objects with no overhead obstructions▪ Handle must be opposite roadside▪ Nothing is picked up except City issued carts▪ In the event there is not a cart with the home or apartment, the property owner must pay a $100 deposit to replace it, unless the apartment owner uses a dumpster. 

These rules must be followed or your trash will not be picked up. 

County Dumpsters are usually made available once every quarter for Class IV trash.  To find out when these are available, please call the County Judge’s Office at 870-886-1110.  Google “Class IV Waste” for specific items allowed. 

Recycle Bin is located next to Fire Dept. at 218 East Main Street.  Items must be placed INSIDE the bin to be picked up. Household trash is not permitted.  Items placed outside bin will subject person to littering fine. 

Please note that it is against the law to use business owned dumpsters. 

Clean-up Ordinance (814-16)

All property owners are required to cut weeds, grass, remove garbage, rubbish and other unsanitary and unsightly articles and things, including, but not limited to, inoperable automobiles from their property, and to eliminate, fill up, or remove stagnant pools of water or any other unsanitary thing, place, or condition, which might become breeding places for mosquitoes, flies and germs harmful to the health of the community. 

Grass has to be cut no taller than 10 inches. 

Old bedding, carpet, boxes and other items are NOT to be placed on the side of the street. These and other Class IV waste must be hauled off by owner or taken to County Dumpsters, when available.  Names of private companies who will pick up Class IV waste are available at City Hall.  

Yard Sale Ordinance (694)• No more than 3 consecutive days• No more than 6 sales per year• After sale, all items must be removed• A free permit must be obtained from City Hall• All signs must be removed from public property within 24 hours of end of sale

Pick-up of Limbs and Yard Waste:

This is a courtesy that is provided for the residents of Walnut Ridge, when time is available, free of charge.  Due to AEDQ guidelines, we cannot provide a place to take these things.  Please note that there is no set schedule for the pick-up of these items.  Call City Hall at 870-886-6638 to be added to the list. 

Guidelines for limb pick-up:• Nothing larger than 4 inch diameter• All butt-ends together facing street• Must be placed beside street for pick-up

Guidelines for yard waste:• Place leaves and yard clippings in trash bags with nothing else in the bag• Must be placed beside street for pick-up

NOTE: If you use a mowing or tree service, they are responsible for removing all debris that the resident doesn’t want left in the yard.

Tree Ordinance (777-15)• Any landscape or lawn services taking payment for services at a property located in the City of Walnut Ridge shall be required to obtain a City Business Permit at City Hall.• Permits are non-transferable. • Each person performing lawn, landscape, maintenance or other work for profit shall be responsible for the removal of any and all lawn clippings, hedge trimmings, tree trimmings,and other items of refuse that have been bagged, piled, or stacked at the completion of their work at the property.  No such waste shall be left at the property for the removal by the City of Walnut Ridge. 

Drainage Procedure

If work needs to be done for better drainage, including driveway improvements, an application will need to be picked up at City Hall.  Once the application is completed and returned, the area will be reviewed to determine the correct tile size needed and the correct approach for digging. 

Added driveways must be concrete or asphalt to join the asphalt road.  

The City will not replace drain tiles underground or for driveways.  That is the responsibility of the property owner. 

Building Permits

Building permit applications for houses, shops/sheds, or commercial property can be found online at

Demolition Permits

Residential:• Permits are obtained at City Hall, free of charge• Only 1 residential unit, per year, can be demolished within a square block • According to ADEQ guidelines, sewer lines must be stopped up so no rainwater enters the line

Commercial:• Before any commercial building demolition permit can be issued, we MUST have the following two items included as a part of the commercial demolition application request process for permits. ▪ 1. Asbestos Inspection Report:

   This report shall be conducted by an approved contractor, licensed and permitted through the ADEQ.  Such inspection is required prior to starting the demolition    process, as outlined with in Ark. Code Annotated 20-27-1007(4).▪ 2. Notice of Intent:

   Prior to issuing a commercial demolition permit, the City must have a copy of the    written Notice of Intent, required a minimum of ten days prior to the start of the     demolition.  Said NOI and proof of fee payment to the ADEQ is required and   outlined in Ark. Code Annotated 20-27-1007(4).• 

List of Current Landlords

A current list of landlords is available at City Hall.  If you would like a copy emailed, please call 870-886-6638 with that information.  

Burn Permits

Burn permits are free and can be obtained by contacting the Walnut Ridge Fire Department at 870-886-6631.

Pavilion and Fire Pit Rentals at Stewart Park• Stewart Park has three pavilions and a fire pit that are available to rent.  This can be done at City Hall.  • Rentals are for one day unless there is a specified time needed. • Pricing is as follows:▪ Wooden Pavilion​​$50.00▪ ADA Pavilion​​$50.00▪ Kiddie Pavilion​​$25.00▪ Fire Pit​​​$25.00

Fireworks Ordinance (500)

Residents are allowed to discharge fireworks between June 30thand July 6th and December 20th and January 2nd each year.

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